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reverend mikey

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Aug 3rd, 2016 03:23 PM        

Don't see too many reviews around here these days, and I mentioned this in the Unplugged Forum, but here's an overall review.<br /> <br /> Ibanez calls it an OM/Grand Concert model, but it's got a short scale length (24.9") which I associate with vintage 000 Martins...<br /> <br /> Also has some other nice specs for a $300 guitar:<br /> Solid mahogany top<br /> Bone nut and compensated bone saddle<br /> Abalone rosette<br /> 1 3/4" nut <br /> Grover tuners<br /> what Ibanez calls "open pore" ("OPN") finish - a very thin finish on top/sides/back<br /> and:<br /> rosewood headstock overlay, fingerboard and bridge.<br /> <br /> The guitar was set up pretty well, like many eastern Asia guitars in this price range. I had to lower the nut slots, but that was it - I don't even think I tweaked the truss rod.<br /> <br /> Other materials and workmanship are excellent: the woods have a nice grain to them, all binding is clean, and the abalone rosette's color is muted and understated, which is appropriate for this guitar. (Pics below)<br /> <br /> The tone is pretty decent - it sounds like a small body, all hog guitar: midrangey, intimate, a bit honky and growly, but still with the right amount of clarity and sparkle on the high strings. It's not at Martin 15 series levels of tone, but it's got the right character. It's not real loud, but I've already felt like it's opening up a bit. And this is a guitar you can play hard on and it responds well, doesn't fall apart or cry "momma" (it just appropriately cries "Oh, baby...").<br /> <br /> I've tried a number of the Fender Tim Armstrong signature guitars that are all hog/solid hog top (because there are lefties available), and I've never been the least bit tempted to buy one because they sound so flat and anemic. This one has much more power and punch compared to those (and they sell for just a bit more than the Ibanez - but some of them also have a pickup in them - Ibanez makes a right-handed version of this one that comes with a pickup installed). <br /> <br /> The Ibanez's design and materials just seem nicer to me than the Tim Armstrong one as well - but that's a personal choice thing, I know... his just looks like more of a toy - like my first plastic ukulele; this is more of an adult, player's instrument.<br /> <br /> Anyway, all in all, a great package offered to lefties with some nice different specs that called out to me (1 3/4" nut, short 24.9" scale length). (So the lefty model is called the AC240L OPN, in case you're doing a search for one.) <br /> <br /> Bravo Ibanez!<br />

super mario

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Aug 6th, 2016 10:23 AM        

Rev Mikey - love your comment on the Fender acoustics about sounding "flat and anemic"....not as an indictment but rather how certain guitars will speak to us personally and when they do it is tonal magic. A great review of a good guitar.....makes me think I need to do a write-up of my daughter-in-law's Alvarez.


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Aug 6th, 2016 10:49 AM        

Great review.<br /> <br /> Ibanez has been turning out consistently good acoustics for quite a long time, and they just seem to be getting better at it. Add the very affordable prices to the mix and you cannot go wrong. <br /> <br /> I had an Ibanez AE that I bought new in the 80s in Athens Greece (it was new and very few drachmas), and it was a real peach of a guitar. I played it for many years before foolishly trading it away for a MIM Strat. <br /> <br /> Find one that speaks to you and you'll be very happy with it.

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