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Jul 7th, 2016 07:50 AM        

HI, I have a 1969 Band Master with a 2x12 cab. It sounds really full and nice with my Boss '63 reverb pedal. It's a great pedal. Rich creamy reverb! Anyway, when I use any other pedals with that amp, the tone get's thin, and is not near as full and impressive as the amp's true sound. I have a Boss blues driver, Boss DS-1 Distortion, Boss compressor, Cry baby wha, and various other pedals that I don't always have on the board. The wha is the worst, it sound's very thin, and toy like. I've used these pedals with other amps and was very satisfied with them. Is there anything I can do to get these pedals to work well with this amp, or is it just the nature of the amp that it is not compatible with these type of pedals?


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Jul 7th, 2016 11:25 AM        

Just curious, are you using the stock 2x12 matching fully enclosed cab?<br /> <br /> In my experience, my '64 Bandmaster is a very naked transparent tone. Hard to hide much with it. Meaning it reproduces what goes into the amp very well and clearly. Not meaning to offend, but I find Boss dirt pedals to be lower end pedals. The Cry Baby wah one of the worst tone sucking pedals of many I tried. The Boss compressor I installed the Monty Allums upgrade kit in an effort to improve it. Those pedals all came and went over the past 15 years. Your amp is doing a good job amplifing average to low quality pedals. After much trial and error I settled on a Buddah Bud-Wah, Full Tone Full Drive II, Fulltone OCD, 80's MXR orange compressor, and prefer built in Fender amp reverb. For non-reverb amps I havoe used the Korg A-3 with excellent results. However you mentioned you are happy happy with the Boss RV-3. The amp is good. I recommend you start experimenting with other pedals. Possibly pedal placement. Are you running the wah first? Compression before or after dirt? It can make a big difference.



Jul 7th, 2016 01:00 PM        

You don't have the bright switches on do you? What type of speakers are in the cab? Same question as keithb7, is it the stock 69 Bandmaster cab? Curious about your cables, what make and what length are they?


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Jul 7th, 2016 02:42 PM        

You didn't say what kind of speakers you have, but my '62 Bandmaster came with some kind of weird 60s replacement speakers. They sounded just like you describe with pedals. When I replaced them, everything got better with pedals.


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Aug 8th, 2016 10:16 PM        

My old Cry Baby was the worst at tone sucking when not engaged when in the chain. Have you tried each pedal by itself, particularly leaving the wah out to see if they work fine? <br /> <br /> I finally put a true bypass switch on my wah and solve the problem. There probably are better wahs out there as suggested above.<br />

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