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May 11th, 2016 04:34 AM        

Hi! First time Gretsch buyer! Would like to hear your fine opinions on the following 3 guitars please (they are all in very good used condition). <br /> <br /> Gretsch Black G5122 Hollowbody Guitar going for 500e<br /> <br /> Gretsch Red G2622t Streamliner Semi Hollowbody for 420e<br /> <br /> Gretsch Black 5235t electromatic for 350e<br /> <br /> They are all near me locally so i can try them out but i was hoping to get some background/opinions on them before this! Much appreciated!<br /> <br /> I am looking for a big clean sound, open chords rather than riffing, mostly using modulated effects (delay, reverb, tremolo) - type of sound im going for is big, clean, jangly surf type but in a rocky context, think johnny marr meets neil young :) <br /> I'm aware that the streamliner series are brand new (2016) so i'm leaning towards that over the older electromatic model. But i've seen very good reviews for the G5122 hollowbody. All come with bigsby tremolo.<br /> <br /> Thanks again for your help!<br /> Kieran

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