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Apr 26th, 2016 02:54 PM        

I like big thick necks on my guitars. Something is hard to find. Especially on acoustic guitars. After buying several guitars with so called "thicker necks" such as the 000-28 Eric Clapton and the 000-17SM I finally went ahead and ordered a custom made Martin through our local Martin dealer.<br /> <br /> I chose the cheapest true Martin, the 000-15M that had been reviewed as one of the best bang for buck acoustic out there on the market. My specs were quite simple. Neck: Regular width, in this case 1 11/16 but thicker, at the first fret 25mm and with Dunlop 6105 frets. The price was 1795EUR (List 1375EUR) so it was not that expensive IMHO. I had to wait for 8 months and when it finally came the neck was only 23mm thick at the first fret but way thicker than on the regular model. Quite a difference.<br /> <br /> I've had the guitar for a couple of months now and its really my number one guitar at the moment. I play it every day. The neck not only feels great and plays like a dream with the higher frets, it also sounds awesome. Compared it to a regular 000-15M in the shop and the difference was huge. This guitar plays louder. It has a strong midrange boosted sound with a shimmering top. The sound is balanced and great for studio or mic situations. Its also much louder than my EC. I have the same K&K pups in both guitars and the 000-15M Custom sounds way louder also through the pup. <br /> <br /> The guitar is ultra light. Much lighter than the EC. It feels also more resonant. The wood used looks totally spotless and rep in the shop was quite amazed by both the wood and the workmanship. Because of the light weight body and the chunky neck its a bit neck heavy but nothing a good leather strap cant fix. <br /> <br /> I've been trying some different strings on the guitar. Changed the original strings for the Emmanuel's Flexible Core SP MFX740 Phosphor Bronze Light 12-54 that I normally use but have since tried Daddario EJ16-3D 12-53 and now at the moment the Martin 80/20 Bronze 10-47. I really like the thinner strings but will be changing back to the Emmanuels next time I change strings. I think that the midrange honk went away with these bronze strings. Could that be? Tamed the midrange a bit. Maybe I should try some thicker 80/20. What do you guys think? What strings are you using with your 000-15M?<br /> <br /> That's all for now. Anybody else ever ordered a custom Martin? Or like big chunky necks?


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El Californio

Apr 26th, 2016 03:12 PM        

I had one of the LA Guitar OM-15 Customs but tired of it after about a year. It had a nice full but not what I would call chunky neck. The nice thing about that one was the wider 1 3/4" nut width. <br /> I've discovered I really like the Martin vintage V necks found on most of the vintage style V Martin reissues like -18V, -28V, Clapton sig, CEO-7, etc.



HELP! Population less than 100 000 000!
Apr 27th, 2016 01:49 AM        

Yes, the vintage V necks are very nice so if that what you are looking for there are many options. Still, if you just want a more narrow but still thick neck there are no standard models. Downside with the custom order is that you need to wait 8 months and the small price increase. Just as important for me was the higher frets. Now I can dig under the strings and don't have to press as hard. Makes it easier to play with heavier strings.

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