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Deep Ellum, TX

Apr 25th, 2016 10:13 AM        

It's been a long while since I've posted and I don't want to bore you guys but I'm hoping you can give me some info on a guitar that I've just reacquired. <br /> <br /> When I was 18 years old in 1987 I bought my first guitar with my own money. A black Squier Stratocaster (MIK) serial number beginning with E75XXXX. I later won $500 playing bingo and had a Floyd Rose tremelo system installed which was actually worth more than the guitar. I played this through college and up until around 1990 when I bought an MIM Telecaster which became my new instrument. <br /> <br /> In 1990, I needed money and sold it to my friend (and future Millicent Friendly guitarist) for $75 bucks. <br /> <br /> Fast forward to yesterday... my friend gave me this guitar back. He'd had it in storage all those years. So it's now back in it's original owners hands. The pots are shot and it's really noisy.. possibly a grounding problem? The rosewood neck is fantastic and feels great but were these guitars made of solid wood (probably not one piece, I'm sure) or were they particle board? It looks like solid wood under the back panel.<br /> <br /> Also.. should I maybe have the wiring and pots looked at or should I just get a new wired pickguard with Texas Special pickups and really make it sound good??? I almost hate to mess with a 30 year old guitar... although, I did put a Floyd Rose on it in '87 when I was a kid so it's not original anymore. <br /> <br /> I want to use this for recording and want it to sound like an awesome Strat. <br /> <br /> Looking forward to hearing all your opinions. Sorry this was so long.


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Apr 25th, 2016 05:02 PM        

The MIK stuff is a crapshoot on body wood. You literally don't know what you get. What Fender authorized, and what ended up here....who knows.<br /> <br /> It's not like anyone really kept track back then on the cheapies.<br /> <br /> I'd replace the whole electronics package if the pots are shot, chances are even the cheapest stuff out now will be better than what was in it in terms of both pots and pickups.<br /> <br /> The electronics and the invisible stuff (wood under thick finish) was the weak point of that era of imports, and the tuners if they held up to your FR abuse in the day are probably fine.


Deep Ellum, TX

Apr 25th, 2016 06:08 PM        

Thanks for the info Davis and RevBob... I'm home now and have taken the neck off to check parts and lots. So everywhere there is bare wood it looks as if it is not a glued or layered wood. It looks like a solid piece. I'm not seeing any glued layers.. but it is a black guitar so it could be 2 or 3 big pieces put together like a American Standard Telecaster. I never had problems with the tuners and they appear to be Fender tuners not the trapezoid ones. <br /> <br /> I put a Texas Special in the bridge of my Telecaster Custom Reissue and absolutely love them. I'll check into the GFS pickups as well.<br /> <br /> Thanks again for the info. It's nice to have this guitar back in the family.. now it's time to go electronics shopping.



Jul 2nd, 2016 08:11 AM        

Yours is an E7 MIK. It's one of the most desirable of all the MIKs. The E7s and E10s were the first Squiers to come out of Korea and were up to the same standards as the MIJs of that same era, (1987-88). Yours is a solid alder body with a maple cap. It should have the Gotoh tuners on it. The only negative of the E7/E10s are the ceramic pickups and electronics. Drop a loaded pickguard and you have a great Strat. I have an E7 in Lake Placid Blue. It's definitely a keeper and glad for you that you got it back.

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