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Apr 18th, 2016 12:52 AM        

I'm getting a new Tama Cocktail jam kit. There are two pieces available at the local music store here in Kathmandu.<br /> <br /> One is a finish called Indigo Sparkle which is a slightly dark blue sparkle and the other one is in White sparkle.<br /> <br /> I cant decide which color to get. Can the FDP come up with a general consensus over the Blue or the white sparkle. Help me decide folks. Please scroll down this link for zoomed pics of both finishes.

super mario

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Apr 20th, 2016 06:34 AM        

Deep - I've been partial to blue sparkle kits since the earliest days of drumming (first kit was from Sears in blue sparkle)....Also love the other colors, but first choice would likely be blue if I were to get one of these kits.

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Sep 29th, 2016 06:31 AM        

I went a different direction. We were playing lots of really small venues. As a 5 piece, space was a premium and volume was not as critical in a room with a fire code of 98. My drummer used my 5 piece "no name" kit since his old drums were in a sad state (needed heads, "too collectable" in value to lead the garage...meaning old and fragile). I wanted stage space (stage measured 12ft by 15ft and we had to move two tables just to get that much room.<br /> <br /> Anyway, I had a friend who suggested that instead of a cocktail kit, that I consider the Pearl Jungle Jig option. Now, keep in mind I do not own Pearl drums, but the parts fit with absolutely NO PROBLEMS. <br /> <br /> The basic concept is you take the legs off the floor tom and install some "long bass drum style legs" and you use an adapter that fits on the rim so you can put a "post" on the batter head rim so the floor tom fits horizontal like a kick drum and it thus is in position for the kick pedal to strike the floor tom properly. <br /> <br /> A picture is worth a thousand words so check out the Musician's Friend link below. It includes all the information you need to order all the various parts. For around $100 or less (US Dollars) you can have all the parts to convert a 5 piece drum kit into a 4 piece "jungle kit".<br /> <br /> The extra part is that full size bass drum.<br /> <br /> TRUTH IN ADVERTISING...I went quite a bit further before it was all over but still the money was under $200. I picked up a new resonant head for the tom/kick and cut a port in it for micing when necessary. (I usually tried to mic it even in the small 98 person venue.)<br /> <br /> My "mounted tom" was the smaller of the two standard mounted toms, I used a snare stand to hold it for the downsized kit. I left the tubular mount on the larger tom as a bracket with a multi clamp and attached it to a cymbal stand for the "floor tom".<br /> <br /> We did a little adjusting the tuning and between "moon gel" and gaffer tape, we took care of the "ring" and got a very nice sound from the drums.<br /> <br /> My drummer and I have moved into different groups over the past 3 years and he came and asked to borrow "the jungle kit" so he could do some small venues and "house parties".<br /> <br /> The nice thing is all you have to do to "flip" the floor tom back to normal is change the legs and disconnect the rear post. None of the "alterations" are permanent. It takes 5 minutes to convert once you install the bracket for the center post...simple and easy.


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Sep 29th, 2016 01:39 PM        

Blue sparkle. Looks like a cool kit Deep. Enjoy!

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