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I'm back with the otters again
Apr 8th, 2016 10:33 AM        

Hey drum people. I'm playing around with a little toy I picked up. Its one of those 7 rubber headed thingy percussion units and in this case, a Yamaha DD-50. I needed to replace the power jack. Well anyway, I'm inside this thing and I'm looking at the underside of these rubber heads and see that its just two wires going to each of these pads. It occurs to me that I could easily install 1/4" phone jacks and end up with external trigger jacks. I've got on hand a number of switching 1/4" jacks that would leave the original trigger functional until something was plugged into the jack.<br /> What my band could use is a set of electric congas. The pads on the Yamaha aren't very good for using your hands -- you need to hit them nearly dead center. Any suggestions for something to look for on ebay or a tutorial for crafting your own electric heads that lend themselves to being decent for hand drums. Two or more five or six inch pads on a rigid stand that could be assigned different patches on the fly would be handy.


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Apr 8th, 2016 12:52 PM        

The issue would be having the software patches in the little Yamaha's brain to make a conga sound when the trigger trips. The problem is as you say rubber pads and human hands. There just isn't enough impact to get the trigger to respond as it should.<br /> <br /> My solution would be to use rubber pads but play them with sticks. With the right patch and multi zone pads I think it could work acceptably. You will never get the true conga thing of open hand, rim, heal of the hand etc. but you are not hauling a set of congas and having to mic them either.<br /> <br /> Timbale patches may work better than conga with a two zone pad and patch. You could get a plain head and rim shot off of the same drum/pad.<br /> <br /> There are also whole units made by Roland and Yamaha that have these features built in to them. They are surface type multi-pad units about the size of a briefcase. patches galore and very convincing. I've seen these used on stage with larger electric bands with good result for FX type percussion.<br /> <br /> Liked below is a Yamaha unit. I almost bought one of these a while back just to add to my acoustic kit. Used ones come up all the time for less $$.

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