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Mar 23rd, 2016 03:34 PM        

I brought home an LTD brand (licensed by ESP and built in China) Eclipse 401VF three weeks ago and this is my post-honeymoon review. It's basically an LP type, and moderately priced, alternative to a real Gibby for those on a budget. <br /> <br /> I am a Strat player in recent years (with 3 older guitars dating back to 2006 and 2008) but got a cheap Brighton no-name LP custom copy from a college student a few years ago for $ 300.00 and dropped in some upgraded pups for the crunchier tunes we play. It was not cutting it (an unknown wood under the hood, a maple neck, and a thin body style) so I rarely play it.<br /> <br /> Saw the LTD 401 Vintage Flame on the clearance rack right in January and played it for about an hour and fell in love with it. Then I called my Daughter (who owns a Japanese ESP Eclipse she bought last year) for her take and when she saw the pics, and the price, she told me to snap it up before someone else did. I put down the lay-away deposit right there and paid it off on March 1st.<br /> <br /> By way of background, I stated playing in the 70's and had the luck of getting a nice Ibanez LP as my first good guitar, loaded active EMG's in it, and pawned it off like an idiot around 1985. Never had the cash for a real LP after that, switched to Strats, and never bonded with the dozens of Epiphone LP's I have picked up in stores over the last 1O years.<br /> <br /> This LTD/ESP licensed Eclipse is the nicest LP type style guitar (other than original standards and customs I have borrowed or played in stores) that I have every played (and now own).<br /> <br /> Will only say these few things about it: a) the flamed maple cap finish is beautiful; b) the stain on the back and neck is beautiful and shows off a very nice mahogany back and perfectly aligned three piece neck; c) the neck and fretwork-inlay work is perfectly smooth and a dream to play; d) the tone of the Dimarzio 36th anniversary PAF's is very nice, warm, and single note articulate in every position; and e) the tone knob is the most responsive one I have every played in a guitar; it does not loose much volume at all when turned all the way down (for the Slash overdriven tone for leads) and no ice-pick highs when turned up on max. A very well balanced traditional LP type of sound.<br /> <br /> Recorded some riffs last night for the first time over a friends acoustic playing and was just amazed (last night and today) at just how clear and creamy the tone is on this guitar listening instead of playing.<br /> <br /> Bottom line is that I got this guitar new for the steal clearance price of $ 399.00; I know that the high end EC 1000's are very nice and that the current prices on the sites including GC for this guitar actually range from $ 599.00 to the MSRP of around $ 799.00. <br /> <br /> I would certainly like to own a nice Gibson LP before I die if I have the chance/cash (and not the lower end ones but a nice Standard or Custom) but have to say that this LTD is a thrill to play, gets pretty close to the beefy Paul tone, is a very well made guitar, and has made me appreciate why Les Pauls are such treasured instruments. You cannot get that tone unless you have a guitar with the original ingredients (full thickness mahogany neck body/maple cap/nice quality PAFs/traditional LP bridge) and this guitar not only sounds good but sustains forever (with the nice set neck) just like the real deal.<br /> <br /> I never played this model when they had the Semour Duncan pups but imagine that this guitar would take nicely to most high quality PAF models out there.<br /> <br /> Thanks for hearing me out on this "last" guitar I will every buy as I told my Wife when she caught me bringing it into the house.............. Lol.<br /> <br />


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Apr 6th, 2016 07:09 AM        


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