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Feb 15th, 2016 09:47 AM        

It has been a long time since I have posted, but I wanted to share my experience. Last week saw the delivery of my first new Fender purchase in quite a while--a Fender Road Worn 60s Stratocaster in Olympic white. I had been looking for a Strat with a vintage 7.25 radius fretboard for months but didn't have any luck finding anything locally that I liked. I decided to try my luck ordering from Sweetwater for the first time.<br /> <br /> I love this guitar. I hadn't been specifically looking at the Road Worn series at all but in talking to the Sales Rep at Sweetwater and looking at the pictures they had posted online, it really caught my eye. I have also always wanted a Strat with a lacquer finish. I am so glad I took a chance on buying it online, because it is quite a find.<br /> <br /> Set up out of the box was not good. The guitar had terrible fret buzz and the saddles were already raised as high as they could go. That is not too surprising, though, with the weather changes recently. I ended up working with it for several hours, and after shimming the neck, adjusting the relief to a little more than Fender specs, adjusting the saddles, and lowering the pickups I finally got it set up without buzz and with good, if higher than Fender spec, action. It was well worth the time, though, because everything else about this guitar is fantastic.<br /> <br /> The feel of the "worn" neck is smooth and comfortable. I love the vintage radius and the "C" neck shape. The lacquer finish on the body gives it a great feel as well and looks fantastic. I put five springs in the back and lowered the bridge to not float, and the guitar has better acoustic resonance than any Strat I have come across. You can feel the chords resonate.<br /> <br /> The pickups are quite different than I was expecting, but they have a great sound. The 4 and 5 settings on the pickups are particularly fantastic sounding. The 1 setting (bridge pickup only) is brighter than I am used to but gives a good vintage sound.<br /> <br /> The hardware looks "aged" but functions perfectly. As for the relic look of the body, it is less dramatic than I thought it would be. It looks and feels like a well-loved and played guitar that has seen countless hours of use. It has an entirely different feel than modern polyester finished guitars, and the feel is one that I really like.<br /> <br /> I have played several Classic 50s and Classic 60s MIM Strats, and was expecting the experience to be the same on this one--but it isn't. The feel is very different, and frankly it feels like a much more expensive guitar. I don't know if it is just this guitar or whether all of the Road Worn series are like this, but it outplays most of the Strats I have tried recently, no matter where they were made. <br /> <br /> I do wish at this price point it came with a case instead of a gig bag, though.<br /> <br /> Long story short, I am thrilled with this guitar. It has a unique look and feel, and plays great. If you have been looking for a vintage style guitar, or want one with a lacquer finish, it is recommended.


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Feb 27th, 2016 09:09 AM        

The Road Worn series is really nice for the price. They arrive with a 'played-in' feel. <br /> <br /> I've played a few of the Teles and Strats and they do have a custom-shop feel about them. <br /> <br /> "The 1 setting (bridge pickup only) is brighter than I am used to but gives a good vintage sound."<br /> <br /> Use that tone control...roll it back a bit and the bridge pickup takes on a throaty tone that is supremely useful. <br /> <br /> Some Strats come stock with no tone control available for the bridge pickup. If this is the case with the current-production Road Worn Strats, the modification is really simple if you can operate a soldering stick.

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