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tone to the bone no other way
Jan 14th, 2016 07:00 PM        

I made a comment a while back how I had stuck some mid-to-80's USA stock Stratocaster Pickups in my #2 (aka the Red Strat) and how it just seemed to come to life. Got me to thinking about making some other changes (which is the beauty of having pre-loaded pickguards for MIM stratocasters). Anyway took the 'custom' H-S-S setup out of the #3 strat to put in #1 which had a S-S-S Texas Special setup. It has been in there 7-8 years, but I was not totally sold on it....so I figured maybe it was time for a change. The custom HSS is based on all positions being hum-cancelling and position 3 being a series setup of the middle pickup and the front coil of the humbucker and position 5 using the neck pick up and the rear coil of the humbucker for a "tele-type middle" sound. Anyway after installing this into #1, this setup sounded better than it has in any of the others in which its resided (this is the third strat). It may be the combination of the woods (this guitar is slightly heavier than the others), but it just has some serious mojo happening. Then I had the #3 body and neck with no pickups, out comes the single ply MIM Squire series (mid-90's) pickguard still loaded with "Buddy Guy" MIM ceramics and the 500k pots. Get her screwed down, a little tweaking and this little black strat/rosewood neck/cheap single ply/ceramic pickup baby rocks! It has some serious growl and reminded me why I still like these pickups. I now have three distinct sounding strats - #1 Tobacco Burst/rosewood fingerboard neck with the HSS setup; #2 Red/all maple neck with the SSS USA setup; & #3 Blackie/rosewood fingerboard with the SSS ceramics.......yep it is fun switching pickups around. Now which one do I take to play out next time......

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