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super mario

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tone to the bone no other way
Dec 21st, 2015 08:55 AM        

Want to get some thoughts from the pickup wiring gurus here. I have my "super" Strat wired where the 5 slot is the standard full humbucker in series (SD Pearly Gates); 4 slot in parallel (front coil of bucker with middle pickup (Fender Texas Special "neck"); 3 slot in series (front coil of bucker with middle pickup); 2 slot in parallel (neck (Fender Texas Special "middle" and middle - std Strat wiring) and 1 slot in parallel (neck and rear coil of bucker - sort of a Tele middle sound). The question centers on slots 3 & 4 and the output differences. I've tried moving the center pickup up and down to best balance the output levels - as the parallel setting (slot 4) is significantly lower than slot 3 (which is basically a spread coil humbucker). Is this just something I will have to live with or is there a remedy to better balance them or am I just having wishful thinking? (FYI - The TS pickups are reversed to help achieve correct polarity for the different settings.)

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