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Dec 16th, 2015 01:10 PM        

I picked up some guitar gear, which included this humbucker (see pic - link).<br /> <br /> - It says MADE IN U.S.A. on the back<br /> - Also says F03<br /> - It has a multi-core cable<br /> <br /> Any ideas on what this is would be great!<br /> <br /> Thanks so much for anyone's expertise.



Dec 16th, 2015 06:11 PM        

The mounting ears are small which is a DiMarzio characteristic.


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Dec 17th, 2015 03:42 PM        

A good way to nail down some forensics is to note the wire color codes and test across them for continuity and for sound production. <br /> <br /> Make notes as you work, and then compare your results to


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Dec 17th, 2015 03:46 PM        

Yep, looks like a DiMarzio. And yet it doesn't say DiMarzio on it.



Dec 17th, 2015 04:10 PM        

Thanks all. Much appreciated. Peegoo, I'll give that a try!

Mick Reid

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Dec 17th, 2015 06:19 PM        

Great info Peegoo.<br /> <br /> I was going to say it's a "4-wire F03 Humbucker" but I thought I might just get slapped for it!<br /> <br /> ;^)

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