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So. Cal. USA

Nov 19th, 2015 10:35 AM        

I've been wanting another 12 string for some time now. I gave my vintage Takamine F400 to my former stepdaughter and sold the Tak EF381SC when times were tough a few years back. I enjoyed both of those but couldn't find a suitable F400 and really didn't want to spend much as I rarely play a 12 string but when I need it I need it.<br /> <br /> I checked out entry level 12 strings from many manufactures. I wanted a solid top instrument and electronics. I played a Martin D12X1AE. I liked the sound of this guitar but the thing is so neck heavy it turned me off. I tried the Seagull Shoreline (S6) 12 string and didn't like the electronics at all. Weird because my older S6 + Cedar sounds great plugged in. The Taylor 150E 12 was actually quite good for the money and would have done the trick. Then my eye caught the Breedlove Pursuit 12. I hadn't picked one up because quite honestly from it's appearance it looks like a much more expensive guitar. All gloss body finish, tort binding, bound neck, abalone rosette, book matched solid spruce top, a satin finish neck with a rosewood headstock overlay. The body is concert size and fairly deep at 4". The guitar is of Chinese manufacture.<br /> <br /> The Breedlove was only bested by the Martin sound wise. It was as good as the Mexican Taylor and $200 less and a much better appointed box. Unfortunately the only Breedlove the store had was damaged with a chunk out of the headstock. I went home and hit ebay to shop around some more. I found an open box Pursuit 12 from a big box retailer for $400 and pulled the trigger Monday. The guitar arrived yesterday so I gave it a once over after work and before a plumbing repair at my GF's (did I mention I hate plumbing?).<br /> <br /> The guitar was delivered in perfect condition with the exception of some smudges on the top and corroded strings. No case candy was in the box. I tuned it up and ran through some chords and runs. Well good enough for entry level 12. Plugged in the guitar seemed really bright with my Fishman Loudbox 100 set for my Taylor 814ce. A few tweaks of the EQ, amp and guitar, and we were in business. Electronics are Fishman ISYS + USB. Meh.<br /> <br /> I'm a bit critical of the set up on the guitar but that's the way it goes. High at the nut and bridge so I'll have to set it up to play the way it should. The finger board and bridge are extremely dry and need a bit of oil.<br /> <br /> Over all I think the guitar is a good buy at the street price of $549 however I did find a retailer at $499. Best looking of the entry level lot I shopped IMO and decent sounding which is the most important.


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El Californio

Nov 19th, 2015 11:00 AM        

Congratulations, that's a sexy 12 and Breedlove is a great brand. I've never really considered a 12 with a cutaway, as I so rarely play my big ol' Guild Jumbo 12 beyond the first few frets. Happy strumming!

Tony Salieri

Houston, Texas

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Nov 24th, 2015 12:00 PM        

Congrats! That's good looking guitar.<br /> <br /> 12s can be hit-and-miss. My has had very good luck with her inexpensive 12s, namely Seagull and Alvarez.


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So. Cal. USA

Nov 24th, 2015 12:55 PM        

I set it up and re-strung it so it plays much better. I didn't drop it in the basement action wise. The bridge could come down just a tick more and I left just a bit of room to do that at the nut. Next string change she will be perfect.<br /> <br /> I'm liking the Pursuit so far but only have maybe a hour on it tops.


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St. Louis

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Mar 15th, 2016 02:16 PM        

I bought a Breedlove 12 string atlas concert sized a few years back. While it lacks a bit of rumble in standard pitch it plays well and gives the whole balanced sounding 12 string sound I was looking for with a nice shimmer to it. Woody but not woofy.<br /> If you want bottom drop her down to D tuning and it still sounds focused,but with a bit of rumble. Breed loves are a great guitar .Have fun!

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