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Aug 6th, 2015 01:33 PM        

I've been GASing for a Starcaster since they came out with the Modern Player version. Not sure why, but I just like quirky stuff. <br /> I already have a '90's Epi Dot but I've never been inspired by it. I like the idea of the Wide Range HB's even if they aren't like the originals. I understand it's just a brighter guitar overall. I'm thinking the offset gets some of that lower bout out from under your arm as well. Plus I'm just used to the 25.5" scale. <br /> <br /> As you can see, I'm working on talking myself into it. I really should try one in a local shop first, but no one has one in stock. <br /> <br /> Anyone try a Starcaster out? I know they're not a 335, but can they stand on their own merit?

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