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That's really really where I'm from!
Aug 3rd, 2015 07:36 AM        

I've been jonesing for a solidbody gretsch as my next guitar and the Electromatic Projet with Bigsby in the Silver sparkle finish G5439T has caught my fancy. A guitarist friend is heading to the US later this week and will be back after two months with my new Pro Jet.<br /> <br /> I know that people have a lot of great comments on the Blacktop filtertrons on em' but I would like a guitar with Dynasonics as I already have TV Jones classic on my G5120. I have been exploring the T-Armonds, Duncan Dynas and the GFS pickups. Because of my location and a lack of good guitar techs here I will be opting out for the easiest model pickup that I can swap. The swap from the stock Gretschbuckers on the 5120 to the TVJ Classic was easy and there were good instructional videos on YT for this. I dont see the same for T-armond swap on the new Pro jets with Blacktops. How easy is it to do this mod? is there a link somewhere that can show me what exactly to do?<br /> <br /> I'm also considering a Compton bridge of some kind, a brass nut and some cosmetic changes to compliment the Silver Sparkle finish (please give me some idea on this too). i'm also big into George Harrison's Duo jet and would like to get to similar specs albeit in a Silver sparkle platform making it look like a Billy Zoom model.<br /> <br /> Thank you!

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