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reverend mikey

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west Omaha, east NE

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Jul 28th, 2015 02:32 PM        

...isn't that what Ovations used to be called all the time? <br /> <br /> Then Fender bought them, killed the USA models, then sold the company, now DW drums is planning to start building them in Hartford, CT again (at the old Ovation plant). <br /> <br /> I've been trying to find out if there will be any lefties in their future... don't know if I'll ever have the scratch or motivation to buy one...<br /> <br /> ...would anyone here? <br /> <br /> (That might depend a lot on what they offer us, huh? They never did make the new contour bowls in lefty versions...which is typical of what happens to us lefties.)<br /> <br /> Don't know if there's really a need for Ovations in a world where the pickup systems in all wood guitars have risen to the level they have. That used to be Ovation's trump card, but no more.<br /> <br /> Anyway, all that to say I finally ran across a good deal on an older ('92) lefty Legend L717; it will arrive here Friday... I'll be off getting ready to play a gig, but I'll have the weekend to mess with it. <br /> <br /> Looks to be in real good shape; we'll see how it sounds and plays. (Purchased from American Music Seattle on Reverb.com, they seem to have a good reputation.) Only downside is no case, but I can throw it in a bag for most of what I do, and find a case later.


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Jul 28th, 2015 05:58 PM        

Never been a fan of the look of Ovations, <br /> <br /> More of a traditionalist when it comes to acoustics, like slotted headstocks, natural lines, herringbone purfling etc.<br /> <br /> In saying that a mate has one and it does sound good, just my cup of tea.<br /> <br /> Hope you enjoy Mikey

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