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Jul 25th, 2015 09:43 AM        

Ever since I heard The Lively Ones version of Surf Rider at the end of Pulp Fiction I've longed for that "clunk" sound on the lower strings. I think they played Jaguars. The Ventures got that same sound on their version (to a somewhat lesser degree to my ears) and I think they used a JM. Can't afford a real vintage model so what reissues would duplicate that sound? And/or which don't. Thanks for your help.


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Jul 25th, 2015 11:36 AM        

Gaustx, for a vintagey sound I would skip the midrange models altogether. Looks at the Squiers - the Vintage Modified Jags and JMs are great guitars!


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Jul 25th, 2015 05:58 PM        

Yep they are all good <br /> <br /> MIMs are ok <br /> <br /> The AVRI 62's are good value


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Jul 27th, 2015 06:37 AM        

The one recommendation I'd make is to make sure you get one with the JM/Jag tremolo - skip the hardtail offset models. Nothing against those models - they fine for what they are - but they won't get that vintage tone or feel, if that's what you're going for.<br /> That trem system is very cool and is a big part of the overall sound.<br /> <br /> I managed to get one of the Thinskin RI Jazzmasters a few years ago and it's one of my all-time favorite guitars. The bonus at the time was that the AVRI's had a price increase that did not effect the Thinskins.<br /> <br /> Too bad the Thinskin series was a one-time deal for the offsets, as they were an outstanding value.<br /> <br />


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Jul 27th, 2015 09:47 AM        

It's a Jaguar with both pickups. The surf players in the day used heavy strings with a wound 3rd strings. I get the sound with D'Addario XL 10-52 set plain third. Fender tube amp with spring reverb, 12" or 15" speaker helps. Plastic pick.<br /> <br /> Gaustx, besides my Jaguar, I can get the "surf sound" with my Strat and Tele. Try the strings first.


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Jul 27th, 2015 10:18 AM        

+1 on the Jags and JMs. I owned a AVRI '62 and it was an excellent guitar. It had to go when the economy tanked but it was later replaced with a MIJ '68 RI. Bound neck and a used bargin at $700. The JM is set up with flat 11s at the moment and I have round 11s on the Jag mentioned below.<br /> <br /> I also own a Squier VM Jag. I found a used one in mint condition for $200. These are great guitars for the money. Other than a good set up everything works right out of the box.<br /> <br /> I typically use a Fender FRV-1 reverb pedal in front of one of my tweeds of the Deluxe Reverb Plus for surf stuff. I rarely use a Fender spring reverb unit anymore as the pedal is that good.<br /> <br /> Strats can get this sound but need a little mod to help out. I have modded most of my strats with a push/pull switch pot to add the bridge pickup to the neck in position 1 or 5 of the selector switch. It gets close to the JM/Jag sound and makes well due when I end up playing requested surf tunes and I didn't bring a Fender offset.<br /> <br /> Much of the surf sound and getting a drippy "pop" tone is using the palm muting technique. It will limit the duration of the note and the reverb really comes through. Adding a bit of treble with the tone control of the reverb unit helps this.

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Jul 27th, 2015 10:08 PM        

I can verify that surf sound with a AVRI 62 thin skin. If there is one left, then snatch it. I love mine and enjoy playing it more so than any other Jaguar I have owned (a couple of l series vintage jags and an a couple AVRI 62 standards). I hear a lot of 6v6 driven reverb in front of a preamp of an amp as well. I hate to say it but a Vibro-King with a AVRI Jaguar hits that sound you are describing all day long. Good news (like pointed out above) is that there is one thin skin left at Daves and it's reasonable bad news is that a Vibro-King is pretty pricey (but also worth it IMHO).


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Aug 4th, 2015 04:31 PM        

Thanks for all your input. In the past I never considered the Squier line but started doing research on the line-up introduced in 2012 and could only find good things about them. Plus that the Jag is about as close to a 62 as the American reissues. Found on ebay a dealer doing a "best offer" and got a great deal. I was expecting to have to set it up but it came in perfect condition. The intonation was as good as it's going to get, at least with the strings on it. Can't get it perfect on the 12th fret but it's so close it isn't noticeable. They're round wounds - I guess 9's - so that will be changed to 10 or 11 flats. But the fit and finish are great. Can't find any imperfections on the surf green finish. Fret ends are smooth. PU's sound great. Very impressed. At this price point I'm thinking of filling out the collection.

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