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Jul 1st, 2015 09:14 AM        

I am trying to write/record some stuff that is a blend of heavy blues, grunge, acid rock and that neighborhood of music. Basically fuzzed out garage rock. My Tele and single-humbucker-in-the-bridge strat aren't quite cutting it. I need a deeper thicker woody tone. I borrowed a friends Les Paul copy and that's not right either but its getting closer.<br /> <br /> I am torn on what to buy. Hendrix solos sound so good, and I am thinking about picking up a normal SSS strat for the neck pickup tone. I'm also really interested in a Jazzmaster. Reportedly he played "Fire" with a Jazzmaster and some of the bands I've heard using JM's -- like Dinosaur Jr. -- sound amazing. <br /> <br /> I can only afford something up to $400. I'll probably have to sell my Tele. I don't really use it. So it basically comes down to the Squier VM Jazzmaster vs. either a MIM strat or maybe a Classic Vibe Squier 60s strat. <br /> <br /> It seems I'm going to have to order online and return in 30 days if it doesn't work out, so based on that restriction, I need some further input.<br /> <br /> Between the two, what would you pick for fuzzed out heavy blues/acid/grunge?


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Jul 1st, 2015 09:25 AM        

Up to $400, get the Mascis Jazzmaster. <br /> <br /> $399ish street, will get you abusive fuzz tones, more than decent cleans, a vintage feeling neck (no skunk stripe either!), and a TOM bridge that keeps it in tune and prevents the string popping some players have issues with on the JM.<br /> <br /> You can get the Strat as well, but a deal on a decent used cheapie is much more likely down the road than a specific Jazzmaster.

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Jun 6th, 2017 12:07 PM        

Consider a 4-way switch for your Tele, the fourth position putting neck and bridge in series. That beefs up the tone a lot.

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