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May 3rd, 2015 02:40 PM        

Hi :)<br /> <br /> I keep seeing very nice Fender CS guitars, unusual models, at high prices. <br /> <br /> For example, there was a beautiful blue glitter finish telecaster with 2 filtertrons and a Bigsby in a shop recently. It was around 3000 GBP, but it wasn't masterbuilt or team built... it seemed to be a "normal" custom shop instrument.<br /> <br /> I feel like I've missed something, what are these more interesting models? Is there a run or a series they're a part of?<br /> <br /> And how come the higher price than a "normal" custom shop guitar - somewhere between CS and masterbuilt price, but not a master built instrument..?


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Aug 13th, 2015 05:27 PM        

Chances are good these pieces are one-offs. The CS also doesn't make large runs of models; they build small numbers to general specs and offer mods to them. <br /> <br /> The off-the wall pieces you see as resales are usually custom orders.

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