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Mar 12th, 2015 06:38 AM        

I recently bought this VHT amp used. I was looking for a decent small wattage tube amp for the house. I do not gig so I do not need a lot of power.<br /> <br /> Positives- More clean room than I thought. A lot of reviews describe how quickly the tubes saturate and begin to distort. True to some extent. There are two was to reduce the power on this amp- a high low switch and an attenuator dial that reduced power to 1/2 watt(I think). If you use both of these the amp breaks up at very low volumes. I see this as a positive since I love that sound. There is also a gain channel called the Ultra that provides even more o'drive and distortion. I do not really like sound from the Ultra channel dimed. But I have yet to meet an amp that I like fully gained. So I am not a good judge. <br /> <br /> Many reviewers knock the amp for lack of headroom. But there is plenty from my POV. More than enough for me to get the whole family to tell me to turn it down a couple of times. I think there is enough for gigging small venues without mics. But I might not be the best judge. <br /> <br /> The amp is hand wired and looks beautiful inside. Very mod-able. <br /> <br /> Negatives- Only one tone knob. There is a depth knob( not sure how to describe its effect) but it is mainly noticed on the ultra channel. And there is a texture switch which takes the edge off of the highs but hard to notice unless the amp is cranked. I wish the amp had a headphone jack. Finally I am not a pedal user so cannot comment on the effects loop. <br /> <br /> While the amp can be made to break up at low volumes, it is not the best tone. OK for the bedroom but the amp really shines with a bit less attenuation and more volume before breaking up. That is not a big surprise. Most attenuated amps seem to have that issue. But I like the fact that you can get some breakup at low vols and the tone is decent enough.<br /> <br /> Overall the is one of the better low wattage amps I have used. Used prices for the combo are in the $200s which makes this an incredible value for a 12" hand wired combo.



Jan 11th, 2016 03:28 PM        

I tried one of these and kinda got a vintage Fender Tweed feel out of it.

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