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Feb 9th, 2015 08:05 AM        

To all: I own a Fender Jaguarillo that I really like, and am considering the purchase of either a Modern Player Mustang or a Squire Mustang. What is the reason that the heavier gauge strings are recommended? Also, any thoughts on the pros and/or cons of the Modern Player or Squire Mustang would be greatly appreciated.<br /> Thanks!


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Feb 9th, 2015 09:11 AM        

I have a Squier Mustang and a MIJ (domestic) '69RI Mustang. The Squier is unequivocably the better instrument except resale. <br /> <br /> The cons of the Squier are essentially that of most Mustangs - it sounds like it does, the stock tuners "feel" cheap (but work just fine after two+ years of having this one), and the control set is clunky (and is what it is, it's a Mustang).<br /> <br /> The Modern Player is also an Asian import, and has the P90-type pickups. Haven't held one in person as I live in the middle of nowhere and didn't need another Mustang enough to shell out for an odd bird, but it wouldn't do one of the basic things I love with the stock Mustang, which is the whale-type Pink Floyd sounds you can get fretting on the neck pickup on the unwound strings. For normal rock-type stuff, sure, I'm sure the MP Mustang would work well but it won't quite get "that sound" which is about half the vibrato system (which the MP has) and half the pickup placement including angle. <br /> <br /> All boils down to "how much do you want the P90" and "Is a Fender logo worth two bills over a Squier?" IMO.


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Mar 23rd, 2015 05:36 PM        

To add to what the good Rev stated...<br /> <br /> The shorter scale allows fatter strings without the increased stiff feel associated with heavier-gauge sets. This improves sustain, and they last longer too.


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Mar 24th, 2015 07:47 AM        

Just butting in here, but if it's a particular sound you're after then I guess the Mustang is the way to go for you. However if its the feel of the short scale and whole vibe of the guitar may I recommend a Cyclone of any variation. I am particularly fond of my HH MIM Cyclone I paid $300 used for. It has a strat trem system 2 Atomic HB's ,22 fret. Full disclosure: I swapped the HB's for Seymour Duncan P-Rails and Triple Shot trim rings. There are few guitars with as much versatility as this one albeit this wasn't a cheap upgrade with the set-up .

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