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Brunswick OH

Jan 22nd, 2015 08:11 PM        

I have a very nice Del Mar. I love this guitar. I looks great. You can see the grain very well and the binding is yellowing wonderfully which makes me think it was sprayed in Lacquer.<br /> <br /> I put a Fishman pickup in the sound hole and it really sounds good.(My main guitar is a 71 Dove so it's hard for anything to match up sound wise). I have gotten compliments on the sound straight thru a Mackie mixer and EV Sx100 speakers with just a touch of reverb.<br /> <br /> Does anyone have any experience with this guitar? How about some info? I can't find much on it. Some one thought these were made in the 80's in Japan. <br /> <br /> When I got it it had almost no fret wear and the frets must be perfectly level because the action is very low with no buzz unless I hit it hard. Just really amazed at this guitar. I wonder if this was a high end piece when it was new. I have a Epiphone FT 150 from the 70's and it is really a great sounding guitar as well. I can still smell the sweetness of the rosewood when I open the case. I am going to try and add my pics in photobucket of this fender.


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Jul 1st, 2015 09:40 AM        

From the info I could find, Del Mar was a range of models from the Fender Californian acoustic line, and they were produced in Japan from 1983-1989. They are laminated tops and sides, but according to reviews they sound very good and they appear to be well-made.

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