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Dec 14th, 2014 03:35 PM        

Able to spend some time using this recently.<br /> <br /> Brought new, asked the shop to check the nut and do a set up.<br /> <br /> The nut is ok, there had been several poor examples from the early batches.<br /> The intonation was ok as well, another problem area due to the factory supplied string gauge.<br /> <br /> Action is high so will put a shim in the neck pocket.<br /> <br /> Fit and finish very good.<br /> Electrics ok, some hum when the volume is on maximum.<br /> <br /> Each pick up selection has a different sound, I was able to find "my" sound easily.<br /> <br /> A good buy despite the extra work needed. It would still be a god buy if you spent as much as the the purchase price getting the work done.<br /> <br /> highly recommended<br />

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