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Nov 27th, 2014 09:20 AM        

I have one of the very cool 1993 Tree of Life Stats. There are a few enigmatic issues that I would like to straighten out. Fender has been helpful but the questions still remain. <br /> The info on the Tree of Life says that 29 were produced. <br /> <br /> My issue is that my COA custom shop certificate states Custom Quilt/Inlay Strat and that it one of 21 that were produced. <br /> <br /> Fender confirmed that mine is the real deal. They suggested that it is likely that only 21 were put into distribution and that the other 8 were used for promotion, etc. <br /> <br /> They also suggested that the Tree of Life name was something the marketing dept came up with after the fact and that is likely why my certificate reads Custom Quilt/Inlay Strat instead of Tree of Life. <br /> <br /> So, I know this is as far as it will go. What I thought would be interesting is to attempt to find as many owners of these beauties and compile the data. Are there any out there with COAs that read Tree of Life? Or are they all Custom Quilt/Inlay Strat? What are the serial numbers? If the COAs for all read as mine does, then are all serial numbers under 21?<br /> <br /> I think this would be good for the record especially given the importance of this piece; custom shops first one-piece body.


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Nov 27th, 2014 10:21 AM        

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