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Nov 4th, 2014 09:28 AM        

I will start by stating, I am a long time Line 6 multi-fx user, all the way back to the XT Live, and every incarnation up to the recent HD500X and currently the Amplifi FX 100.<br /> <br /> The first thing about this rig, is, up until 11/2, it was Ipad centric. Because other systems at the venue that I play at are Ipad, I decided to give in to the dark side. I say this because,I have been a PC user and one of the biggest issues with this was learning the stinkin' Ipad functionality. For you Ipad, or Iphone users( yes it will run from an Iphone) the Amplifi will be a breeze. <br /> <br /> Simply stated the Amplify is a basic multi-fx stomp, with 4 foot switches, a drive, bass,mid, treble, FX and master volume control, and a volume/wah pedal. 25 patch banks with 4 selections each = 100 patches.Most editing is done on the Ipad/Iphone Amplifi App (free) via Bluetooth connection to the pedal. Once patches are edited and saved to the pedal, you can use the pedal independant of the Ipad, it works wihtout it.<br /> <br /> The practice function is very handy. I get MP3s of the songs that I will work on every week. I import them to my Itunes Library, and they will play back through the Amplifi, either through headphones or the main outputs. It also has a mono Amp out eq'd different to run in to an amp. While playing back, there is a function called "Tone Match". Other guitar players that have engineered tones for certain songs are listed down the side of the screen, tap and audition. If you find one you like or is close, you save it to your tones, or click on the editor, and you can make any adjustments to it that you would like.<br /> <br /> Sort of a forgone conclusion, the Amplifi carries the Amp Modeling that Line 6 is sort of known for. <br /> <br /> Here is where it got really good for me. Line 6 choose to use the effects "package" from the X3 model, a couple of generations back. The newer versions were more "deeply" adjustable, but maybe too deep? Amplifi effects, very simple to adjust,and audition. I used it on the gig this weekend and it sounded great!<br /> <br /> The save function is a little cumbersome. You can tap the screen and a box comes up that save "Save to Amplifi" or "Save to My Tones". This is fine when creating patches at home, but this is a hassle in soundcheck when trying to play. I would hope for a Save button that would allow you to make a minor adjustement on the fly then, save it to the patch you are in. You can also hold down the patch switch on the floor until all of the lights flash then tap the the switch again to save. This thing can be a little glitchy in playback/practice mode, on the gig, it was fine in edit mode. No latency issues.<br /> <br /> I didn't mean to go this long, but there is much to write about this thing. The other good news is, if you already have an Ipad or I phone, the floor rig is pretty reasonable.<br /> <br /> What I WILL miss, is the abilty to toggle an effect on and off within a patch by foot switch like all of the other Line6 floor models. Maybe they will come out with the Amplifi "ULTRA"!!<br /> <br /> All this to say... I Like this rig mucho.

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