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Lost on the blue ball
Oct 23rd, 2014 05:57 PM        

It had the two knobs that did the mute thing and the painted on F holes and was a dark walnut color not the orange . Had the Gold Chet Atkins name plate on the head stock and 24K or 14K ? gold plated parts and the case that was blank with gray sort of lines in it. And the snap on padded back. The Bridge was the sort held on by the strings and it had a Bigsby . I once removed all the strings and the bridge left the guitar and good thing they had small scratch marks to put it back which was a real pain. <br /> <br /> The only Difference from the one Harrison played were the tuners were not ornate looking. <br /> <br /> I always thought there was just the one model with the double cutaway's yet see some with a single. Always thought that was the Tennessean. <br /> <br /> Probably because both were ones Harrison used. <br /> <br /> I did like the guitar a lot but was looking for a different sound so I got a 1867 Casino .<br /> <br /> I never realized there were so many models that were very similar when I got mine.

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