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Aug 26th, 2014 03:56 AM        

I have a Mexican Robert Cray Strat and it’s a nice guitar feel and tone wise. The neck has been a pig to straighten possibly because it was green wood. I’ve had the neck off more times than could be reasonably expected in the lifetime of a Strat. Eventually I took it off again in frustration for the zillionth time, gave three complete turns of the truss rod and hoped for the best. It seems to have worked because the action is perfect and it now seems stable. The other problem is the jack plate sits to close to the internal wall of the route so the tip of the plug touches the wall and doesn’t contact the prongy bit properly, therefore causing it to work intermittently. At the moment I have a washer on the outside of the jack to pull the prongy bit away from the internal wall.<br /> <br /> I pre-ordered the guitar prior to a trip to the States and picked it up while I was over there. I was sooooo looking forward to it and the problems only became apparent after arriving back in Australia. Although the guitar is now functional, it’s left a bad taste in my mouth.<br /> <br /> So…. I’m GASing for another Cray Strat. The Custom Shop model in fact. In Australia they retail for around $5900 (probably could negotiate for $4500). The Mexican version retails for around $1200. Whatever I decide, I need to order again because they are not available locally so I risk disappointment.<br /> <br /> Please provide pros, cons and experiences with the Custom Shop model. I expect good quality but are they worth the money? Convince me that I need to spend the money… or not.


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Aug 29th, 2014 12:19 PM        

You will not experience any of the problems that you have had with your existing Robert Cray guitar, though it's a pretty big jump in price. I'd try to track down another MIM version. I'm a big fan of the CS and I can vouch for the quality that comes out of the CS, though it sounds like you got stuck with POS MIM on your first go round.

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