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Jul 13th, 2014 06:15 PM        

I have a two subject question: I have my eye on a used CAR Mustang Pawn Shop Special. But, it feels extremely light in weight. Does anyone know what type of wood is used on the bodies of these guitars? I am also considering a Blacktop Jaguar with P90's. Does anyone have any experience with these guitars?


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Jul 13th, 2014 11:05 PM        

Mustangs are generally pretty lightweight. Body wood will be listed on Fender's site. It doesn't matter a whole lot on a Mustang - I've had vintage and modern, basswood to driftwood to walnut.<br /> <br /> They all sound like a Mustang to me. Tne only concern I have on the PS is that a large component of the Mustang sound is the PU angle and the trem system (even if not used). <br /> <br /> Blacktop Jag was a similar issue - a Jag without a trem just sort of confuses me.

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