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Jun 16th, 2014 11:47 PM        

Well those that have read the other thread on my latest purchase <br /> <br /> here's the low down<br /> Lefty Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2012<br /> <br /> its got a centre seam 2 piece mahogany body it is supposedly weight relieved- Weight 8lb 13oz on the old lie detector. not to heavy but its certainly not light<br /> <br /> The maple cap is what they call an AA flame there is in normal light not a lot of flame but the picture picks it up pretty good there are some std grain lines in the top that is a little off putting cant see it in the photo<br /> <br /> Finish is great no marks even though they said when I bought it there was some minor hazing and marks around the headstock where it was hung in the shop a polishing cloth and bit of spit buffed it right out<br /> <br /> But I don't care much about looks ( if I did I'd never look at my self in the mirror ;0 )<br /> <br /> The biggest thing to me is how a guitar plays and how it sounds. <br /> <br /> I need to tweak the setup string height and gauge but that's a personal preference thing<br /> <br /> I could actually gig the guitar straight out of the box! <br /> <br /> but the 50's neck profile is perfect I really like this neck carve nice and comfortable over the whole neck from chords to single note lines <br /> <br /> The pups are 57 classic and classic plus these are really sweet pups sound like a dream through my Fender DRRI. I love the tones that I can get from sweet rolled back woman tone to the growl of a power chord through the bridge it's all there.<br /> <br /> the only thing is and this is small the volume and tone pots give me the full sweep but its wired backwards I may change this or get used to it because at the moment I don't want to or need to change anything.<br /> <br /> This is the best $2000 ($1850US) I have spent on a guitar<br /> <br /> I'll take a better pic later but this one not to bad<br /> <br />


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Jun 17th, 2014 03:24 AM        

Beautiful looking guitar! Glad you like it!

reverend mikey

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Jun 17th, 2014 08:12 AM        

Very nice! Love the top - not too much flame - it's just sorta "there" - very cool.

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