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Jun 2nd, 2014 05:19 AM        

I've had several variants of the Digitech harmony generators, the latest being the Vocalist Live 2. When I saw the TC Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX, I had to check it out. The basic VLP vocal processor does lots of stuff - reverbs, delays, doubling, 2 harmony voices, pitch correction, as well as wacky effects I don't use. What intrigued me is that the GTX has guitar processing as well. Amp models, reverbs, delays, chorus, flange, etc. The unit has a number of output routing options. The processed vocals can be sent to the PA and the guitar signal to an amp or a separate channel on the PA.<br /> <br /> . Now this is a voice processor primarily, so there are some limits in the guitar end. But overall, I've found patches that suit my style and they sound very good. The biggest drawback for me was the lack of any way to instantly go from a rhythm to lead setting. That could be done by switching patches, but I didn't want to do it that way. I ended up by putting my Fulltone boost/od pedal before the GTX and that solved the problem for me.<br /> <br /> This is not a solution for everyone, especially if you're married to your own pedalboard/multi-fx. But if you are like me and trying to minimalize the amount of stuff you need onstage, this could work for you too. <br /> <br /> For those that would want the guitar processing features, I'd still recommend the VoiceLive Play for your vocals. The slogan on the box says "You're going to love your voice." Well, I may not love my voice yet, but I'm sure liking it a lot better than before.



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Jun 10th, 2014 12:41 PM        

check out the Bari White setting.....it even makes female voices sound like Mr White...and very natural sounding as well

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