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reverend mikey

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Apr 26th, 2014 08:05 PM        

...left-handed Elitist Les Paul<br /> <br /> I have no affiliation with the seller, but I do have this same guitar - and it's awesome! The tone is incredible, plays great, long neck tenon, and the pots (which I reversed the wiring on in mine) do a great job of rolling back for more cleans both with good pedals and an amp. <br /> <br /> It's one of the only guitars I've never changed out the stock pickups or other parts (only changed the pup bezels, knobs and switch plate with black parts for a very cool cosmetic affect!). <br /> <br /> These lefty Elitists were only made for a couple years - I got mine in '04; it was made sometime in '03 according to the serial number. (Bought mine through our sponsor MF...)<br /> <br /> They were also offered in a faded sunburst, but they were never in stock when I wanted to get mine - they were never in stock again after I got mine, or I would have bought one in that finish, too - these are that good. <br /> <br /> The price their asking might seem a little high, but these are MIJ guitars that stand up to USA Gibsons (and have USA pickups, hardware, etc.).

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