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Apr 14th, 2014 08:39 AM        

I'd like to recommend this to guitar players who aren't strictly huge fans of either chorus or flange effects. I walked into a local retailer looking to try some mid range acoustic guitars. I have for years kept an eye out for new chorus pedals (never even considered flange) as none of the ones I'd played -- which were too numerous to recall -- appealed to me enough to part with any cash. Long ago now, a Fulltone made a product called the ChoralFlange that I DID like, but the $300 price tag made me gun shy at the time and so I waited for the price to drop. Wrong move. Instead, the product was discontinued and I was out of luck. After that, I looked at the other options. I sort of liked the MXR 1 button Micro Chorus but it is kind of limited. The other MXR multi knob stereo analog chorus just didn't ring my bell. None of the major effects makers fared any better in my book.<br /> <br /> But back to this pedal. I had of course heard of T-Rex, but they are rarely found in these parts. When I asked the shop owner about chorus pedals, he said "try this one" and plopped me down with the Twister 2 run into a Vox AC-15 with a 62 Vintage Reissue Strat. Well, I played it for about 30 minutes and I was totally oblivious to the rest of that shop as I played. It sounded awesome! The really surprising thing was how great low depth and slow rate with shallow regenerating flange sounds through a clean amp. Holy crap! So after 30 minutes or so of this, he comes over and hooks up another Vox amp (I didn't even notice which model) to the right side of this pedal and it was truly magnificent sounding. I played that for another 25 minutes until I realized I needed to get on my cycle and get going.<br /> <br /> So I stood in disbelief as they ran my credit card for the $279 (plus tax) because I wasn't even really looking for a chorus pedal. I'm not regretting it though. Even though the price is certainly stout on this beast, it has an awesome bunch of sounds that come out of it for certain. At home I play this through one of two American made Strats or a Tele and either a Fender Princeton Reverb RI, Fender Deluxe Reverb RI or a 1973 Fender VibroChamp with equally pleasing results. Tried running stereo with the PRRI and DRRI and I got a tiny bit of a low level hum, but it was livable and is probably due to a ground loop between the amps. I will usually run this mono at home anyway, so no worries there for me. If I decide to go stereo, I can always get Ebtech's excellent Hum Eliminator to kill the loop anyway if it gets to bothering me. <br /> <br /> Recommended for those who are picky about chorus and/or flange sounds. It converted me for sure.

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