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Jan 23rd, 2014 02:36 PM        

I'm the proud owner of a (1975?) Starcaster. Was given it about 12 years ago as payment or some studio work. Its a truly beautiful guitar, or at least it was...<br /> Gigging has taken its toll, and now I'm in need of some spares, and a little advice.<br /> <br /> 1. Knob grub screws - One of the knobs has fallen off, due to the absence of the grub screw. Anyone know what the correct screws are? Fender still supplies packs of grub screws, but I need to be sure that these would be the right fit. Ideally I would replace with authentic vintage screws, but thats needle in a haystack stuff... any advice welcome.<br /> <br /> 2. Tuners - The tuners are of the double pin closed unit type manufactured for Fender by Schaller. The pins on one tuner have sheared off, and the shaft has also broken (from overtightneing due to the missing pins). So I need either a very skilled repair job, or a replacement. From my research I have discovered that the same tuners are used on the Bronco from same era. It looks as though the late 70's Deluxe Telecaster, and the "The Strat" (1980-83) Stratocasters also used these tuners. Can anyone verify this? <br /> <br /> 3. Pickup selecter tip - this is also lost, I can put a cheapo one on, but I'd rather find an original. <br /> <br /> Of course if there's anyone in these forums able to supply any of these spares please let me know!


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Mar 22nd, 2014 05:25 AM        

Unless someone is parting out a Starcaster on fleabay, good luck. Starcaster parts are rare as hens' teeth. <br /> <br /> The grub screw is a standard part tho. Any decent hardware store will have a match; take the knob with you.


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Mar 24th, 2014 10:02 PM        

All I have is an unused pickguard that was sprayed for an Antigua.

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