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Jan 8th, 2014 06:26 AM        

Put a set of Gotoh 707 tuners on my ESP LTD bass. Quality made to tight tolerances. Posts noticeably larger than the stock ESP tuners. Very smooth (but not loose feeling operation). Top side retaining nut had to press in with my hand but not to difficult. 20:1 ratio vs. 16:1 on the ESP's. Gotoh touts it's tuners (unlike many others) have a rock solid post that doesn't wiggle compared to most other tuners (including the ESP that wiggled like a loose tooth. Seams to transfer more string vibrations to the wood.<br /> The come in Chrome,Black , easier to tune the string right on the mark.<br /> These are internally lubricated for life and are a direct fit. In short I am very happy!

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