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Jan 3rd, 2014 12:38 PM        

My review.

reverend mikey

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Jan 5th, 2014 09:26 PM        

Nice review. Wish Fender would make some of these Jazzmasters and Jaguars in lefty...I believe I'd have to go to the custom shop to get one...



A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.
Feb 27th, 2016 08:58 AM        

Hi Mr. Slade, I own both a 2013 AV65 and a 2000 AVRI, both sunburst, as well. I am in total agreement with your assessment of "I simply cannot this moment find fault with this guitar. The fit and finish is simply exceptional. It is also well setup and even with 10 guage strings there is none of the usual buzzing or jumping out of the saddles, two issues found commonly on Jazzmasters."<br /> <br /> My 65 is a B-stock, and while it indeed came with a pinky nail-sized indent on the back, the wood selection, build, and setup are absolutely flawless-- I cannot imagine a Custom Shop NOS being better in any way whatsoever. Coupled with the bound neck and immaculate fretwork, it has the feel of a precision instrument and I can't fathom using it for solo-oriented surf or indie rock.<br /> <br /> That said, excepting their superficially almost identical appearance, I do not find the 65 to be similar to my 62 AVRI in almost any practical way. Excepting for the thick finish, the AVRI is much more similar to the pre-CBS vintage Jazzmasters that I have handled, including the neck profile and predisposition of the strings for saddle jumping. Fender seems to have corrected this, possibly with a revised neck angle...? The OV pickups in the AVRI are much throatier and ballsier, and lend themselves well to bluesier and more alternative uses. By contrast, the '65 versions are more articulate and a bit thinner, again encouraging me to go in a more jazz-oriented direction-- my purpose for buying this guitar. In that respect, the AVRI62 seems the better vintage player substitute, and the new AV65 feels more like what the Jazzmaster could have been, and in fact is now, with precision modern manufacturing methods.<br /> <br /> Fender really pulled me in with the new AV line-- on the strength of the Jazzy, I subsequently bought an AV 56 and an AV 65 strat new, in White Blonde (for the lighter-weight ash) and Olympic White, respectively. In analogy to the two Jazzies above, aside from a superficial resemblance, these are two totally different animals, in tone and feel-- so much so that keeping both is justified. My only problem with them is that I own enough blackguards already, and I keep wondering if playing the AV '52 will cause me to sell my 1999 NOS Nocaster...

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