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Dec 27th, 2013 06:58 PM        

I got a couple of pedals for my practice board and didn't want to drop a mint on them. The reviews on both pedals were good for their build quality and the price is about $50 per pedal. Here's the lowdown:<br /> <br /> Pro Delay - In a nutshell, this pedal was good enough to go on my main board. I'll use this pedal for my long delays and my Carbon Copy for slapback. There is no volume drop when engaged and no loss of highs. The short/long switch gives it great range. It does the U2 sound very well. My only knock is the white chicken knobs look cheap so I'll probably replace them. <br /> <br /> Brownie - In one word, this pedal is LOUD. With the gain on 12:00, the volume is only at 7-8:00. The tone knob is interactive with the volume. The higher the tone, the louder it gets. The 3-position switch is useful and versatile for quick EQ changes and seems to add varying levels of mids and saturation.<br /> <br /> As the name implies, the Brownie colors the tone with that brown sound but not unpleasantly. It is not the type of mid-hump of a TS clone. The real downside of this pedal is the gain artifacts with the gain knob above 1:00. But I rarely use that much gain.<br /> <br /> In short, it's a good pedal for the practice board and well worth $50, but it would likely never find its way to the main board.

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