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Memphis, TN

Oct 3rd, 2013 07:51 AM        

This is my example of a prodigy. <br /> <br /> I had heard about Shawn when I lived in southern California in the early 80âs and when moving to Memphis in â86 I finally met up with him. <br /> <br /> Took many guitar lessons from him, considered him my mentor at 4 years my junior, and to this day I still am in awe of his musicianship.<br /> <br /> He left us 10 years ago last Thursday. Some people are put on this earth for a very short time. They burn brightly like a supernova and then they are gone.<br /> <br /> And if you think this is good, look up YouTube of him on guitar.<br /> <br /> <br /> Oh yeah, he couldnât read music either !<br />

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