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May 7th, 2013 03:54 PM        

The Vibramate claw arrived. For those that aren't aquainted, it is an aftermarket gadget that slips on to a Bigby tailpiece and allows for easy access strings slots rather than pins. It was much smaller that I had imagined. I thought I had ordered the chrome, what I got was the stainless steel version. Right out of the box, I thought it could have been polished a little better as it had some rough edges. Not terrible, but noticeable.<br /> <br /> For install, it didn't quite fit under the "rod" where the string pins are. I had to loosen the 2 screws that hold the front of the Bigsby down, and lift it slightly to get it over (under) the pins. Nothing about needing to do this in the instructions. Once over the pins, it doesn't stay in place until it has some string tension on it. It only requires one string, and not much tension to hold it in place.<br /> <br /> This litlle gadget seriously cut string changing time down to just minutes. It was pricey, around 30.00 but I change strings often and I like the process to be easy.<br /> <br /> The Bisgby seemed to have nice travel with the claw installed, and vibrato'd nicely on the test run. I don't intend to use the Bigsby, if I need to vibro, I will pull out a Strat.<br /> <br /> In the end, I like the Vibramate Claw and would recommend it to other players.<br /> <br /> This unit is installed on an Epiphone Wildkat. As an FYI, I ordered the claw on Amazon along with a case for the Wildkat, as I didn't find the claw at any of the online supply giants,and wanted free shipping with the case.

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