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juneau ak.

Stole every lick I know
Mar 21st, 2013 07:51 PM        

I dated once a woman, she didn't like to sew Iwas briefly hitched to a Georgia peach<br /> She like to talk so slow<br /> My last little fling was with a little thing<br /> she didn't like to cook<br /> And the lady I dated right before her<br /> Could hardly read a book<br /> <br /> Whaooooa, but I loved em' all<br /> <br /> I dated once a model, she modeled all kinds of clothes<br /> She liked to wear blue lipstick, and powder up her nose,<br /> And I dated once a movie star, her career really never did go too far,<br /> But she had a nice Limousine,You Might of seen her picture in a magazine <br /> Whaooooa... but love em all<br /> <br /> I dated once a lady, who'd walked upon the moon,<br /> and rode on the back of a Whale,'cross the wide Lagoon<br /> <br /> I dated once a teacher,<br /> daughter of a Lutheran preacher<br /> a certified vegetarian<br /> and a 70 year old librarian <br /> <br /> Whaooooa.... ya I loved em all<br /> <br /> Now I dated a younger woman<br /> She was much too young for me<br /> All my friends said "I told You so"<br /> but I was to blind to see<br /> Now, Tarzan had Miss Jane<br /> And Romeo had Juliette<br /> I've made myself available, <br /> But she just hasn't found me yet<br /> <br /> Whaoooooa... But I love them all<br /> <br /> <br />

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