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Jan 25th, 2013 07:18 AM        

We have a great drummer, but he's loud enough that we're having overall SPL issues in our practice space.<br /> <br /> Does anyone have any experience with taming drum volume? We're not thinking a full isolation booth, just some kind of shield. The drum kit is in a small bay at the back of the room so a single panel should do it.<br /> <br /> I'm even thinking a piece of ply as tall as the kit with foam on the drum side in a home-made stand.<br /> <br /> Any ideas? My ears are starting to bleed. (Seriously, my ears are ringing the next day.) I'm going to start using earplugs for the short term, but that won't help our singer - she's having a hard time getting on top.


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Jan 25th, 2013 08:39 AM        

You could certainly start with an improvised shield built of plywood and foam. However, taming drum volume starts with the drummer. If he&#8217;s absolutely unable to adjust his technique to attenuate volume, there are lots of options to dampen the drum kit itself.

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