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Basking Ridge, NJ,

Jan 24th, 2013 03:45 PM        

30 yrs ago, retired from drumming and switched to guitar. But still love to bang on the drum all day when I can. I sat in with a few guys on borrowed Roland V drums and they've asked me to play with them on a regular basis. <br /> <br /> If tone and feel were the only considerations, it would be an acoustic kit, no question. But one reason I left drums behind was the amount of setup/teardown time and amount of stuff to lug around. The Sonor Safari is a very compact 4 pc kit and if I kept it down to just a couple cymbals and HH's, it shouldn't be too much of a pain.<br /> <br /> But I was impressed with the sound and feel of the V drums, so I'm thinking of the HD-1 set. Built in pedals, smaller frame, and it looks easy to transport, so I'm considering them too. <br /> <br /> Cost is a factor too. Have to keep the cost down. Even used, acoustic drums and decent cymbals could go $500 + real easy. The HD-1 can be had used for around $400.<br /> <br /> So for occasional jams and a rare gig or two, which way would you advise me to go electronic or acoustic?


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High in the Custerdome
Jan 25th, 2013 04:32 AM        

Electronic drums definitely have their place, but then you&#8217;ve got to haul amplification, too, which sort of defeats the objective of traveling light.<br /> <br /> In my experience, few combo amps do a good job of handling the wide frequency spectrum produced by electronic kits. Keyboard amps tend to have an advantage here. Additionally, your bandmates may object to running electronic drums through the PA unless other instruments are also running through the PA.

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