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Jan 13th, 2013 12:36 PM        

These are humbucker sized pickups. Direct replacement for humbucker routed guitars.First the workmanship of these is imppecable. Bill offers these in several flavors. I went with his recommendation for 3.6H neck and 4.8H bridge. Neck ohms out at 10.1 and bridge at 14.4. as installed. Pickup height was set using Bill's one nickle under the neck and two nickles width under the bridge pickup. Guitar is an Epi Les Paul Special with 500K pots.They sound a little brighter than my other p-90 equipped guitar.They don't sound anything like my humbucker equipped guitars.Combined is a beautiful clean sound that will react to your picking attack. The height of these is crucial to their sound. Too close to the strings will give you a more brittle tone. I am pleased with these and don't think I could have done better. Made in USA......


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Jan 13th, 2013 04:15 PM        

Cool, many thanks for the good review. I'll add to this thread when I get mine installed (into a mahogany Carvin SC90).


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Apr 28th, 2014 07:04 PM        

Something must have changed through the years. I tried in vain about 10 yrs. ago, to get them by phone, by email etc. Never ever a response to a purchase inquiry. I finally went with Van Zandt.

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