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Steve Dallman

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Dec 20th, 2012 11:59 AM        

I bought one of these to replace my old rack mount, midi driven vocal harmonizer. I used that one with either preset harmonies, or harmonies derived from the Shadow Midi synth pickup on one of my guitars. The old one worked well, but it was time for an upgrade. <br /> <br /> I chose the Live 3 because of cost, and for me, two harmonies are sufficient. I plug in my guitar, run a cord from the guitar out to my guitar amp, plug in a mic, and run a mic cord to the PA. <br /> <br /> I do a single act, playing at old folks' homes, for kids, etc. I use an electric Strat type Westone, with piezo pickups, and the midi synth output. I usually use a Behringer acoustic amp with channels for the instrument and a mic. <br /> <br /> Three buttons...first one selects two different harmony presets, and also allows stepping through 5 sets of user presets. Each harmony can be set from double, to up one, up two, and octave, and the same going down. Each harmony can be set to sound more male, or female. <br /> <br /> The second button turns on the effects which means reverb and/or delay for voice, and reverb and chorus for guitar. The guitar is only effected if it's mixed with the vocal output, if using only one output is desired. <br /> <br /> The third button is harmony on/off. <br /> <br /> Easy to use in live settings. I have the 5 presets filled, and switching on stage is easy. With the rack mount, I used two mics on my mic stand, one mic without harmonies and the other through the harmonizer. When I wanted harmonies, I just swung my mouth over to the harmony mic. <br /> <br /> I was intending to use the Live 3 this way, but it is so easy to use, I haven't found it necessary. <br /> <br /> The harmonies are natural enough. There are nice adjustments available for the mic. Warmth, compression, bass and treble. I like the compression and the warmth I sometimes use. <br /> <br /> There is a pitch correction, but it sounds like it double the voice, so you get natural voice along with pitch corrected. I don't find it useful. <br /> <br /> There is a harmony randomizer knob that adds random short delay to the harmonies so the timing of the harmonies don't follow the voice perfectly. A little of this goes a long way. <br /> <br /> I'm almost 60 years old. My voice is not as strong as it used to be. It can also be a little shakier than it used to be. This messes with the harmonies a little, but it has also forced me to warm up my voice before singing, and concentrate on the quality of my singing. <br /> <br /> I've used it live with my 3 piece band, triggering the harmonies with a cord from the guitar player's Boss ME-6 multi-effects. So far, it's worked out marvelously. I'll use a one harmony setting while I'm singing harmonies, or two at times. It mixes with the band well. Oohs and Ahhs during solos work well (I play bass.)<br /> <br /> This is a great, easy to use item, at a reasonable price. (I paid about $225 new.) What it does would have been impossible only a few years ago. I highly recommend it.



May 14th, 2013 04:52 AM        

I have one too and really haven't used it yet but agree that they are very nice units.

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