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Feb 25th, 2012 10:40 PM        

<br /> Played one today in Sam Ash. It wasn't too bad considering $399. The faux Kluson tuners had a razor edge to the cover stampings - if I bought this guitar I'd file 'em down for safety. 5 Way switch seemed very stiff but there was a lot of tonal variation with the tone pots. Neck finish was pretty nice, thick "vintage" amber varnish on it (probably poly). No skunk stripe but no fret sprout. Intonation was good apart from low E but there was plenty of play in the saddle - just needed a setup. I don't know if it was much better than the (quite similar) Squier Vintage Modified series but at only $50 more and a Fender logo it probably doesn't need to be better.



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Feb 27th, 2012 05:46 PM        

On their site we read:<br /> <br /> "Throughout its history, Fender® has always made a special point of welcoming new players to the family by offering entry-level instruments ..." "The Modern Player series continues that great my-first-Fender tradition, ... "<br /> <br /> I sure think it's great for a beginner who wants a brand new "real" Fender but it is also true that for 400, you can find a good used "true" Fender guitar. <br />

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