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Feb 21st, 2011 09:00 AM        

For the past two years or so I’ve been recording and playing my Dr Z Maz 18 2x10 combo or Classic 30’s and when lower power was needed, a 1973 Fender Bronco but I’ve been looking for something to spice it up a bit. Over the past few months I’ve had my eyes on the Vox Night Train Head. I played it a few times at a local store as well as read a lot of reviews and watched many demos on Youtube. I finally got around to picking one up on ebay for a good price.<br /> <br /> The amp looks sharp. The build quality on it is superb. It’s compact and coms with a little travel bag which I’ve also been using as a dust cover when not using the head. The controls are simple; very basic. Not much to deal with so that you can concentrate more on your playing than your amp settings. I plugged it into an Avatar contemporary 1x12 cabinet loaded with a Weber 16 Ohm 30-watt blue dog. The British voicing on the speaker along with the VOX tone works very well together. I’ve been playing the amp mostly in triode mode (7.5 watts). I can nail everything from a bright clean to a spot on Stone Temple Pilots dirty overdrive. I’ve been keeping the gain about 2 O’Clock and controlling it using my guitar volume knob. If you switch the amp into THICK mode which disables the EQ, the amp seems to get super charged with overdrive. Keeping the gain in the same position with the thick switched to on nails more of a Michael Schenker or metal style tone. The head with a 1x12 has more than enough power for an indoor or outside gig with plenty to spare. It has plenty of clean headroom as well if you back off the gain and crank up the volume side.<br /> <br /> Overall, I’m very pleased the Vox Night Train. I’d like to hear anyone else’s experienced with the amp. <br />


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Feb 21st, 2011 12:31 PM        

I had one that I played with an Avatar 1x12 open back, tried a variety of speakers (V30, Celestion Blue Alnico). Cool enough amp, particularly with a tube swap. Ultimately it wasn't the amp for me but do think it's a good looking/sounding amp and way portable. The Avatar cab I had was the cube one so what I gained in portability with the NT I lost with the cab. For my purposes it was probably a little too gainy.

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Feb 21st, 2011 12:35 PM        

AJ, I've been playing mine for a couple years now through a 2 x 12 Avatar Bluesbreaker style cabinet with one Celestion Blue and one G12H30. The NT is great for every venue we've played from outdoor festivals to small bars. It's perfect for our small practice room too. It responds very well to single coils and my two axes with TV Jones pups. But it really shines with the P-90's in my Reverend and Humbuckers in the Thinline. <br /> <br /> This is not to say that my amp GAS is cured. I'm looking at a Victoria Double Deluxe right now ;^).


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Feb 22nd, 2011 09:17 AM        

Great little amp. I have the NT cab with the greenback, sounds great. Also put some Telefunken 12ax7s in it; I like to turn the vol all the way up, then use the gain for your overall volume for the amp (just need a little! in 'thick' pentode mode). Chewy!<br /> <br /> Also here:



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Feb 22nd, 2011 09:42 AM        

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