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wolf papa

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another friend of Bill W.
Dec 31st, 2010 08:05 PM        

Or for that matter, any of the pickups on the lower priced DeArmonds ? Excluding GoldTones, I already know I love them ;)<br /> <br /> I've seen two versions, one looks like a FilterTron, the other is just a plain cover, two conductor, appears to be wax-potted. <br /> <br /> There must be some experience here, any good or bad impressions ?



Maybe next year!
Jan 3rd, 2011 04:53 PM        

The Filtertron-looking ones are USA DeArmitron Humbuckers and they are pretty darn nice pickups.



Jan 15th, 2011 08:05 PM        

The stock humbucker pickups (non-Filteron type) on my DeArmond M-65 are fantastic. When playing "clean" they are clear as a bell and when over-driven I get the Gibson Joan Jett tone I had been searching for. <br /> <br /> The DeArmonds are relatively unknown, often overlooked thus sometimes quite reasonable in price (I paid $50.00 w/three small pieces of finish chipped off). I did notice that the finish is prone to cracking/flaking when bumped but that's irrelevant when it's superior "tone" and overall construction is considered.<br /> <br /> The necks are as smooth as glass and thinner then Gibson/Epiphone ones thus quite fast especially where a LP style guitar is concerned.<br /> <br /> The only upgrade I will be making to my M-65 will be to replace the stock tuning machines when I have some extra cash probably with GFS.

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