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Dec 17th, 2010 12:48 AM        

My 14 year old has suddenly developed a big interest in playing keys. As part of the parental encouragement I got him a Korg X50 for portability and as a future second instrument for synth parts etc as we already had a full size keyboard in the house. I've studied the manual - so has he - and we are struggling to find a simple way to save and retrieve his favourite presets quickly and easily. He seems to think if a preset is saved in that way it is deleted from the main memory but surely that can't be right. Are there any X50 gurus out there to help with what must surely be a simple thing (except to me)?


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Dec 18th, 2010 10:55 AM        

I&#8217;m not an X50 guru, but as a Triton owner, I&#8217;m quite familiar with Korg&#8217;s system architecture.<br /> <br /> You can easily edit and save programs and combinations. For detailed instructions on saving programs, see &#8220;Saving your edits&#8221; on page 45. For detailed instructions on saving combinations, see &#8220;Saving your edits&#8221; on page 61. (Note: These page numbers refer to the US edition of the X50&#8217;s Operation Guide &#151; they might be different for the UK version.)<br /> <br /> Indeed, your son is correct on the preset issue. Once you save a preset, the original program or combination in that specific memory location is deleted. Hence, you need to be somewhat diligent about keeping track of what you&#8217;re saving and where. For example, if you save over Program A001 (Stereo Piano), you no longer have the original Stereo Piano sound. Furthermore, since combinations make use of individual programs, any combination requiring the Stereo Piano sound is now going to sound very different. <br /> <br /> However, fear not. You can always restore all of the original programs and combinations by performing a system reset. For instructions, see &#8220;Restoring the factory settings&#8221; on page 111.


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Dec 24th, 2010 07:21 AM        

There's a patch editor which came with the Micro-X (same innards) which let me save some patches.<br /> <br /> But it is tricky.

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