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Dec 14th, 2010 02:38 PM        

I’m trying to find out if the Leslie was a detached model or if it was enclosed within the organ itself. Also, Thomas appeared to be one of the manufacturers that started using transistors rather than tubes early on, so I'm curious if the organ itself is a tube rather than transistor model.<br /> <br /> The perfect find would be that this has an external Leslie and amp, which would be perfect for guitar. Also, if the organ itself had tubes in its amplifier section, that would be a real bonanza of a find. <br /> <br /> If you run guitar thru your standard amp, and then split your signal off to a tube Leslie the tone is just so huge. <br /> <br /> I’ve a feeling that it’s got the internal Leslie and the amp for it is all transistors. If so, it’s not a consideration at all. <br /> <br /> BUT if it is internal AND tube amp powered I could remove that unit and use it for my needs and then part with the organ section itself.<br /> <br /> <br /> Anyone have any info on these ?<br /> <br /> thanks !

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