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Sep 22nd, 2009 07:16 AM        

I have a 1980 D-50 Guild. Have had it in the closet a while. It plays great and really has a great sound. I am wondering what this thing is worth and if I should invest in new bridge pins a new saddle? Any advice?<br />


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Sep 22nd, 2009 04:02 PM        

You've got a great guitar there. Well worth any investment to make it right for you.<br /> <br /> I've seen D-50's from this era anywhere from $900 to $1800. Hard to pin an exact number on yours.<br /> <br /> You'd be a fool to ever sell it!<br /> <br /> 6

Hank Hill

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Sep 24th, 2009 12:58 PM        

If it plays and sounds great, why consider changing the saddle and pins?<br /> <br /> Unless, of course, they're worn out. Pins (especially) will get chewed up over time because they're plastic. But if you've been careful with them during string changes they should still be OK.<br /> <br /> And, AFAIK, you should have a bone saddle so it's probably still in excellent shape.

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Dec 14th, 2010 01:37 PM        

I have a 77 D-50 I bought new. I love it. All I know is that I could never afford to replace it.

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