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Utah Jake

Salt Lake City, Utah

Jul 4th, 2005 03:30 PM        

Having three Fender Passport PA systems I thought others might like to know what we have discovered.
1) On the PD250 when using the Fender wireless mic system built in, the built in antenna is terrible, range of maybe 30 feet at best. We re-routed to an external BNC connector, hooked a 15 inch antenna and gained about 150 feet.
2) When using the 250 on 110VAC there is a muffin fan that keeps the amp board cool. When using the battery and converter that Fender sells, the fan does not run. The unit over heats and shuts down.
3) All of this cooling takes place in the back storage compartment. Close the door during operation and you have shut of the cool air supply.
4) Neither the P250 nor PD250 will operate with more than one speaker on right and left output. The PD250 did away with the dual jacks on each channel. These amps kick faults and shut down if you try to run into a 4 ohm load. We made a special harness that runs two speakers in series making 16 ohms. It seems to buy that.
Good luck to all that have these strange machines. Being made in China we may have one expensive throw away if anything really bad happens to them.


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I am not a complete

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Jul 5th, 2005 01:46 PM        

Great points, Jake. That's the stuff we come here to learn. I just took a friend shopping for a small PA. We passed on the Passport simply because it's a goofy, toyish looking thing that doesn't sound all that good.


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Jul 12th, 2005 06:16 AM        

Our PD250 has paid for itself many times over, without a bit of trouble. You just need to understand the limitations of the weird looking little beast. Evidently, one man's "toy" is another man's tool...


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Houston, TX

Give me a second to think of something..
Jul 21st, 2005 10:37 AM        

I used a friend's gray 250 for years doing acoustic gigs and was amazed at how good it did sound - especially for the money and convience. He did have to replace the power switch though.

After I moved to Houston, I bought one for myself. It won't do the job in a band situation unless it's way quiet, but for acoustic stuff or house jams it works fine, I think.

Utah Jake has some good points though - it's for sure a one (or maybe two) trick pony. I have no experience with the wireless or battery options on it.


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Santa Monica, CA

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Jul 28th, 2005 04:09 PM        

I need to step in here to comment.

When evaluating any piece of gear, we have to understand our application and then determine whether the gear meets the need.

We got a PD-150 with the Fender wireless microphone system for LaurieStory to use in her teaching.

She needs PA capability, plus a stereo input for audio tracks runing from her notebook computer for film clips she uses.

Her programs are given in auditoriums that seat up to 150 people.

The PD-150 is GREAT for her.

It is easy to set up (she is no techno-whiz), easy to transport, sounds great, and gives her the ability to effortlessly take her show on the road.

We have had it for over a year (maybe two years at this point) and had zero problems.

I unconditionally recommend the PD-150 -- but of course, you have to determine whether it is the right gear for your needs.

For Laurie, it was the exact right rig.



vero beach, fl

That was broke
Feb 20th, 2012 07:36 PM        

I have a PD150. I use it in coffee shops. 1 channel for mic, 2 channels (left & right) for my Martin (w/sound hole pickup). Great sound and it gets loud enough for 75w/75w stereo(plenty of headroom). Had it 5 yrs now no problems.


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W. Washington State

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Aug 18th, 2012 08:52 AM        

This thing (or anything similar) sounds like it might be ideal for my daughter's needs. <br /> <br /> She's gotten a jazz combo together (vocals/trumpet, upright bass, keyboard, drums) and I'm wondering if it can provide enough ooomph to mic her for vocals and the horn and push the keyboard far enough to be heard over the drums...the bass will be amped. <br /> <br /> I'm also curious as to what size you think she'd need. This would be for small venues, parties, backyards, etc.. Comments?

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